Review: The Sword of Herobrine by Jim Anotsu

FF’s Star Rating: ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

I’m sure every video game player out there has thought about what it would be like if they could somehow magically transport themselves into their favorite game and actually be in the world that they find themselves staring at for countless hours on a computer screen so often. Perhaps they’ve even had nightmares in which this was actually the case. Jim Anotsu makes this a reality for two siblings in his unofficial Minecraft book The Sword of Herobrine.

Siblings Arthur and Mallu are home alone. While Arthur’s nights are pretty much bound to either watching himself some Bleach or reading up on the latest Spider-Man comic book, Mallu can almost certainly be count on to be glued in front of a computer screen playing Minecraft. Little do the siblings know that they are both about to embark on an epic adventure set in the Overworld , a world of “blocky” beings in need of saving.

Every minute that Arthur spends in the Overworld is torturous. He doesn’t like it one bit. Despite his eagerness to get home, a “mob” named Steve who sacrifices himself so that the siblings’ quest to find Herobrine’s legendary sword may continue, he finds himself having to admit that this world is not just some video game. People do not die here and get spawned at specific places like they do in video games. They die and they are gone.

Known as Users in the Overworld, Arthur and Mallu are siblings that had gotten on each other’s nerves a lot in the real world. Now, however, things have changed. Fighting side by side to save all the worlds from the much dreaded return of Herobrine, they actually start getting along better than they ever would’ve if they hadn’t discovered that floppy disk that sent them to this world in the first place. Their parents would be stunned.

Thanks to Punk-Princess166, which is Mallu’s chosen username in the Overworld, I gleaned everything I needed to know about this weird universe. Readers who are not familiar with the video game shouldn’t be worried as the author inserts “Concepts of the Overworld” written by none other than Punk-Princess166 after some of the chapters to prepare readers who might also find themselves trapped in this universe. These concepts also teaches readers about creatures such as zombies, creepers, skeletons, and more.

The quick pace and short length of this book gives little room for Arthur and Mallu to just sit down and enjoy the scenery. The author takes readers in and out of what is known as “biomes” rather quickly. This lack of rest for Arthur and Mallu does make for one action-filled adventure though. These siblings experience everything that we usually expect our heroes and heroines to experience when they go on world saving quests such as theirs.

Though I have to admit to being a total dummy when it comes to this classic video game, I have to write that Jim Anotsu made me enjoy this book like a long-time fan of it. To the older reader who might be gobbled up in moments of nostalgia, this book would make for some quick and fun-filled reading. Suitable for preteens to read as well, I recommend this book to the overall fan of fantasy and adventure books.

Free paperback received from Penguin Random House SA.

 Kindle Edition:

Publisher: Puffin
Date Published:
June 2, 2016
Children’s Books

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