Review: Herobrine’s Revenge by Jim Anotsu

FF’s Star Rating: ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

Jim Anotsu aims to plunge preteen readers once again into the Minecraft world known as the Overworld with Herobrine’s Revenge, the sequel to The Sword of Herobrine. Having enjoyed the previous installment as they set out to destroy the terrible Red King, I could hardly wait to find out what Mr. Anotsu had in store for them next. Though I was a bit disappointed because of an entirely different protagonist to follow, I jumped right on in.

Bia is a huge Minecraft fan. One day, her computer screen turns green, sucks her in, and dumps her into the Overworld. In no time at all, she meets Vincent, a blonde-haired boy who loves fighting, hardly smiles and hardly has a readable expression on his face If Bia wants to stand any chance of going back home, she needs to team up with Vincent. Meanwhile, the legendary Herobrine is intent on destroying everything in his wake.

The Overworld is no fun park. It is as real as the world that Bia comes from. She might’ve believed that if she were to be killed in the Overworld, she would be spawned someplace else’ like an avatar in a game, but Vincent quickly sets the record straight. During the day, everything is peaceful. At night, not so much. Readers should ready their mental eyes to picture everything from forests to pools of molten lava.

Bia, who can be just as stubborn as a certain previous User who went by the clever little username of Punk-Princess166, has no idea that Vincent used to be known in all corners of the Overworld as the Red King. When Vincent gets captured by three familiar faces, Alex the priestess has plenty of reason to see this boy executed, but somehow, Bia convinces Vincent’s captors to let him go so that he can help them defeat Herobrine.

While readers might wonder when the legendary Users might make their return back to the Overworld, it remains a fantastic thing that Bia and Vincent now have to tag along with Alex the priestess, the mercenary for hire Amelia, and the wise old samurai Hattori Hanzō. The final confrontation between the heroes and the evil Herobrine is of epic proportions; it gets more and more exciting as Herobrine proves to be an opponent that cannot easily be defeated.

The pace of this story is insanely fast. A lot of things happen in a short amount of time, causing there to little room in this book for readers to explore the Overworld more through the eyes of Bia, the protagonist and narrator of this story. Vincent, formerly known as the Red King, wants to make up for that dark past of his, but that same past of his makes liking him a bit of a conundrum.

Having written a novelette that would be action-packed as a cartoon, Jim Anotsu makes reading a lot of fun for young readers. A part of me wished that I was in there, fighting endermen, which seem to be Herobrine’s favorite pets. Of course, the idea of coming face to face with a creeper freaks me out. And don’t even get me started on the ender dragon, that big bad acid breathing dragon that roams The End.

Free paperback received from Penguin Random House SA.

 Kindle Edition:

Publisher: Puffin
Date Published:
June 2, 2016
Children’s Books

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