In Diana Hart’s Cauliflower Heart Book 2: Wrestling with Life, Claudine Bellamy is a widow in her late thirties with two children to take care of. Like the husband she lost, her father and brother are both well known in the wrestling world. With well-to-do and famous men like them in her family, coming to a point in her life where she can, financially speaking, stand on her own two feet should be easy, right? Well, not exactly. Toasty doesn’t particularly like Claudine and that is only half of the reason why she’s struggling. Enter Toni Orr. She and Claudine come to the decision of writing a book about her family together. It could be the remedy to all of her financial ills; however, Mrs. Orr doesn’t exactly have Claudine’s best interests at heart.

I deeply sympathized with Claudine Bellamy. It scares me to think that people like Toni Orr could be out there, ready to take advantage of a vulnerable person if it means bringing in a couple of bucks. I think that readers will gain a lot from this book as it will at least have them prepared for when an actual person like Toni Orr shows up in their lives and tries to take advantage of them. The signs are all there for readers to recognize and take note of, believable, realistic, and extremely scary. It’s a moving story that shows readers how one sibling can end up truly hating another as well how, no matter how long that dark tunnel is in one’s life, one can always find a light at the end of it.

I reviewed this book for Readers’ Favorite.


Publisher: Headline Books
Date Published:
October, 2016
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