In some ways we could say that having a goal which involves prosperity for ourselves are riddled with events and/or people that will either break us along the way or make us stronger so that when we get to the other side of that bridge of life we can look back and see exactly what took place to get us to that point.

From his early childhood in Queens to a time and place that has him shedding tears of joy, Dr. Ronald J. Peters, Jr. illustrates in his book Crossing Farmers Boulevard: A Journey to Oneness in a Polarizing World everything placed on his path on his own bridge of life before he could get to that particular point of happiness. He also shows us how God worked to get him there.

People encounter both the successful and unsuccessful throughout their own life’s journeys. I myself am guilty of focusing mostly on the result instead of the fact that the result is human and that there are things that happened in that person’s life to get him or her there. Reading this biography will show many readers that behind every suit and tie, trophy and diploma, shopping cart and dog, is a story. Dr. Ronald J. Peters, Jr. has conveyed to me the importance of pushing through no matter what and to look at all things from two sides instead of one.

Not afraid to don hip-hop gear in public, he is perhaps the personification of what he aims to teach readers. Read it. You’ll definitely start looking at that boss of yours differently.

I reviewed this book for Readers’ Favorite.


Publisher: BookBaby
Date Published:
February, 2017
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