Legacy of Lies: Love, Lies and Family Secrets is a romance novel by Doris Lemcke. Iris Edwards is originally from Detroit. She is a journalist with a weakness for three things: “a riddle, a mystery, and a dare”. She has been living and working in Philadelphia for three years. When she receives a mystery letter from her grandfather, Iris finds herself tempted. After all, her grandfather has pretty much just given her the chance to tell one heck of a story – his biography. Her reunion with her grandfather is cut short, considering that he dies shortly thereafter. After the reading of her grandfather’s will, Iris receives the deed to an entire town. With the aid of an attractive doctor, Iris makes use of her investigative journalism skills to discover more truths than one.

The entire prose is breathtaking. The book includes some beautifully written love scenes devoid of strong language. Joe, with his “surgeon’s hands” and all, likes to tell Iris that, whenever she uses a colorful word or two, he will tell her nuns, so yeah, the book had quite a few laughs. Other times, I was terror-stricken whenever a mobster named Matt and Iris were close enough to inhale each other’s carbon dioxide. Matt truly seemed to hate Iris, her intelligence seeming to be one of the things about her that pissed him off so much. Lemcke’s character portrayals, descriptive paragraphs, are all top notch. I began reading this book not knowing what to expect, and before I knew it, I was totally immersed. Readers will be will be floored over and over again by each revelation.

I reviewed this book for Readers’ Favorite.


Publisher: Satin Romance
Date Published: February, 2016
Genre: Romance
Pages: 336

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