Revelations Incorporated: Workplace Wisdom for the 21st Century by Brian Ray, a Business and Management Consultant with over twenty years of experience, is a financial non-fiction novel that sets the record straight. It should be carefully noted and understood, however, that the author, as he explains in his first chapter, does not reveal the truth of the business world with the intent of making businesses and their owners look bad; the purpose of this book is simply that of shattering illusions people might have about both. The author carefully works around revealing what the fresh working man or woman might be concerned about and offers advice to prevent people from falling victim to their own illusions and beliefs regarding employers, work bullies and even their own salaries.

Brian Ray struck a cord inside me with every piece of truth he revealed. As evident in his writings, his knowledge could only have come from someone who has been exposed to it all. Furthermore, his case studies shed light on his own professional experiences and observations of the business world around him. As the author reveals, employers can see their initial ethical principles replaced by a primary desire of high profits if they are not careful. To my liking, focus was put on company leadership and undesirable traits of certain managers; on a more humorous but on an equally serious note, I was also introduced to energy-sucking vampires. I would give this book to the inexperienced working twenty-year-old who, perhaps miserable, needs a book like this.

I reviewed this book for Readers’ Favorite.


Publisher: CreateSpace Independent
Date Published: April, 2014
Genre: Workplace
Pages: 172

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