Killdeer Winds, the second book in The Juniper Wars series , is a science fiction novel by Aaron Michael Ritchey. The Juniper is a place where electromagnetic fields make it impossible for anything that is electronically powered to work. Cavatica Weller, with the help of two sisters, two Sino-American war veterans and employees that she thinks of as family, are moving a herd of cattle towards Nevada. With the Vixx sisters, Psycho Princess, and an outlaw warlord named June Mai Angel to consider, the journey is sure to be anything but easy. Cavatica’s worries don’t end there. A boy that she has kept hidden from her entourage in a ranch is gone. She has to find him before it’s too late. The Vixx sisters are bent on finding him.

Author Aaron Michael Ritchey has gone ahead and flipped a futuristic setting upside-down like a pancake. A war has resulted in the end of all usage of toasters and microwave ovens in five of America’s states which include Utah and Wyoming. On a mission to show us The Juniper Wars series is not to be compared with anything else we have come to know before, he has created a world in which ninety percent of the human population are female. Who needs anymore zombies? There is one scene that completely sums this world up: in this scene, Cavatica’s sister, Wren, sits inside a Ford, in a world that is pretty much like the Old West, puffing smoke. This book has made me a biggish fan of this series. Read it.

I reviewed this book for Readers’ Favorite.


Publisher: WordFire Press
Date Published: August, 2016
Genre: Post-Apocalyptic
Pages: 274

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