Have you ever heard of something called the power of collective consciousness? Lee Baldwin, author of Halcyon Dreamworlds and Next History: The Girl Who Hacked Tomorrow explores this most dangerous power that humanity can possibly possess and warns readersagainst it. In Aliens Got My Sally: UFO Pulp Fiction for the Modern Mind, a most brilliant science fiction novel of first alien contact, consciousness plays a pivotal part in the universe.

Quantum biologist Sally Jacobs went and got herself abducted by aliens. Well, that’s what I thought at first. Then I met computational archeology student Anna Lewis, Sally’s best friend. She doesn’t know what happened to Sally yet and has her own problems to deal with. Professor Mumford, in cahoots with a rather interesting set of billionaires known as the Yacht Club, has wrongfully taken credit for Anna’s research paper. The scoundrel, perfectly painted by the author as such. Blackmailed by Mumford, Anna has no choice but to go to a dig sight in a Columbian jungle.

The year is 2084.When Anna Lewis, a babe that can kick butt and write impeccable pieces of papers, finally ends up in Thiele and sees all the wonders of this other world, one cannot help but sympathize with the humans of 2084. Entirely of humankind’s doing, their world is seriously messed up. And here is Thiele, a world of skies that are clear and breathable, full of trees, full of oceans, and if you happen to walk into a cat named Beatrice and she talks to you, don’t worry. Talking animals on Thiele are humans in animal form. 

Though Sally ends up in an alien world, Anna doesn’t even know this until she finds Sally there herself. The characters tend to say a lot of weird and funny sounding stuff, but I have to admit that even though I loved the dialogue, it sometimes caused me to loose focus on where the story was heading. As for the Yacht Club and their intentions, I almost forgot about them because of all the time I spent reading about Anna, Sally, two million other Earth women, and the Cuz Folk on Thiele.

I welcomed everything every character had to say because I simply didn’t want to miss another dose of humorous snarkiness AND clever comebacks. I couldn’t help but wonder how much thought Baldwin put into the various components of this novel because there is no way that he could have made it all up on to fly.

I reviewed this book for City Book Review.


Publisher: Baldwin Books
Date Published: May, 2017
Genre: Post-Apocalyptic
Pages: 325View on Amazon