A sequel to Lisa Y. Potocar’s Sweet Glory, Train to Glory is set in the mid-1860s. Before returning to her home in Elmira, New York, Jana disguised herself as a man to join the Tenth New York Volunteer Cavalry Regiment. It was during this time that Keeley fell in love with her. Keeley is missing, but it doesn’t take long for Jana and her army friend Leanne to find him, but something has changed. Because someone had decided to hit Keeley with the butt of rifle on his head, he doesn’t remember a thing. Jana wishes for Keeley’s memories as well as his love for her to return, but for that to happen, she has to become the voice of all women seeking equal rights around the country and put her life in danger.

Nothing is made simple for Jana and Keeley. The author quickly thrusts readers into an America at war during Abraham Lincoln’s time when Jana, Leanne, and a Keeley who doesn’t remember her have to come to the aid of a woman who is alone at home. The author paints her characters beautifully both with her descriptions as well her characters’ dialogue. Readers won’t constantly feel that they should’ve read Sweet Glory before Train to Glory. The author generously lets readers in when it comes to what happened during Jana’s time as a disguised soldier and as a spy. She proves that elements of suspense can be integrated into novels set in any time. It’ s a wonderful novel that I would easily recommend to all fans of historical fiction.

I reviewed this book for Readers’ Favorite.


Publisher: Tate Publishing
Date Published: May, 2016
Genre: Historical
Pages: 344

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