Review: The Thirst by Jo Nesbo


Jo Nesbo. Norwegian author. Man who sold over thirty million copies. If you’ve read any of Nesbo’s previous novels, than you must be familiar with a character named Harry Hole. I myself am not familiar with the dude. I only became acquainted with him in this nightmare inspiring five hundred pager of a novel called The Thirst. Number 11 in the Harry Hole series. Quite brilliant, really. The way Nesbo constructed it all. I was fooled. Thought it was the investigator dude hunting the killer dude and nothing more. But no, the plot gets trickier and trickier, starting with the murder of a Tinder using female lawyer in Oslo, Norway.

Blood sucking demons who burn when sunlight touches their skin. Vampires, they are called. We all know that. Our killer. He bites his victims with a set of iron teeth. Kills them in real nasty ways. Blood everywhere. Gets everybody in Oslo all riled up, scared that there’s a killer out there playing Dracula. Meanwhile, Oslo’s Crime Squad joins forces with Harry Hole, thanks to a Police Chief with his sights set on a title with more power. Shakespeare’s Othello. A rare psychological condition known as vampirism. It doesn’t take Hole long to see that this killer is someone he knows, but finding him is not going to be easy.

White nothingness. That’s what the author would have readers envisioning when he first introduces his killer, a man who had received surgery of some kind, stared into this nothingness for three years, and proceeds to open up an envelope in some locker which contains items like a key and an address. That hooked me right in. Harry Hole, well, readers don’t get to meet him at first apart from a dream he has of seeing somebody familiar in it and waking up. First, there are other characters to meet and get familiar with so that Hole becomes an intriguing figure when he officially starts appearing. The crime solving legend in Oslo that he is.

For all the majesty surrounding his highness Harry Hole, I did not get a good sense of him. Like helping a bartender out of doing business with a really bad man, Hole has some traits that readers will like. I just can’t help but wonder if the author somehow found a way to allow readers to follow this guy as he went after the killer and still keep readers wondering who this guy is at the end. On one side, I’d say that his portrayal is lacking, but I can be wrong.

Perhaps what makes Harry so intriguing to begin with is that he’s a character with many layers that might still get peeled away by the author in future Harry Hole novels. That’s why I can’t wait to read them. That’s why I’m now as thirsty for more Harry Hole novels as the killer here is for blood. Like I said, the plot gets trickier. Discoveries are made that will leave you dumbfounded at the end, shooting bolt upright and wondering how you just allowed this crafty author to fool you.

☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

Paperback received from Penguin Random House SA.

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Publisher: Vintage Digital
Date Published: April 20, 2017
Genre: Mystery
Pages: 538
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