Review: The Finn (Revenge Will Surface) by Matthew Danza and Adam Horeth

FF’s Star Rating: ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

It takes a real adroit genius to come up with creative horror masterpieces like that of Matthew Danza and Adam Horeth. I never get tired of reading them and I never get tired of the frights that come attached with them. They are creeeepy and out of this world. The Finn: Revenge Will Surface is a sequel to The Fin: Fate Is Only Waist Deep. And a good distraction from the obligations of daily life.

Lee Kager’s father, brother, and best friend had lost their lives due to a crazed beast of a shark. She is in for a surprise after she wakes up in hospital. Her right foot is missing. The next day, an officer informs Lee of a shark attack and let’s her know of the possibility that the shark she thought dead might still be out there. Now, walking around with a prosthetic limb, Lee has to try and enjoy and build a new life again. She soon learns that the shark that attacked her is still very much out there. Though she’s not a fan of guns, she needs to find herself a weapon before she goes after her great oceanic enemy.

This story begins on the 30th of May, 2017. Lee Kager, at first, has to deal with small-scale depression because of the fact that her family is gone and that she now has one foot missing. She pusses through her obstacles precisely like the brave young woman she was in the first book. “I walked with a limp and could feel the pressure in my left knee as it absorbed most of the impact.” She is happy after attempting to walk and getting it right Andi couldn’t help but be happy for her as well.

For readers who’ve read the first book, they’ll appreciate the flashback scene that takes them back to the friends that Lee has had. A bit of therapy for these readers, Lee recalls the first time she, her brother James, and Adam stole beer in high school. Having grown fond of this character, I thought it good that the authors decided to put this memory in the novel. She also has a lot of personal hurt to deal with. “My entire life I have been surrounded by water and now whenever I see it all that I see are graves and nightmares that pretend to be memories.” She is absolutely fond of long walks on the beach.

What I didn’t cover in my review of the prequel to this book, was the romantic side to Lee’s life. According to Adam, the young man that Lee is obviously in love with, Lee is a flowers type of gal. Readers get an intimate look into their relationship. There was a lot of shark action in the previous book and I didn’t see a lot of the aforementioned. It gets you thinking back to your own romantic relationships as well. They are a charming couple, but thankfully there were no erotic scenes, making it fit for young readers.

There are some new characters to meet like Brandon and Bryan. I saw Bryan as a really cheerful guy and good for Brandon, who makes me laugh out loud because he has a fowl mouth on him, but his swearing is actually humorous. A video pops up of a shark attack and there’s massive media hype over the coverage of this attack. Lee, being the protagonist, quickly gets wind of it and I was immediately enthusiastic for the action to start. Brandon is warned by a man named Deputy Fabiani at a later point in the book to stay away from Lee Kager because she has been through so much.

This is a great book in the summer because there’s a whole calmness to the book that, for me anyway, cooled me down as I was reading. For anyone living far away from the beach, this book will put readers mentally right there, experiencing it for themselves. The authors describes things like boats well. “The boat looked huge because of the way it was built, but it was probably only forty feet in length. The mast was white and had little foot prongs that you would typically see on a telephone pole, with a crow’s nest at the peak.”

For Lee, enjoying the splendours of the ocean isn’t as easy as it used to be; she has to get used to it again. She has a fear of water now that wasn’t there before that she needs to overcome. Plus, there’s always an encounter with the shark to expect. She is determined, which shoes how strong she is to battle her own demons. And when it comes to the shark, no matter how stupid she feels for returning to the water with her prosthetic leg and all, she is never one to be afraid to pull out a hunting knife. She is quite an inspirational heroine if you think about it, but only as something along the lines of being in a meditative state.

I’m not entirely a saved Christian, but Jesus’s name does come up a lot and in real life, I normally don’t like it when people use his name when cussing. I don’t have many weak points to point out other than this and the fact that I had to go back sometimes to make sure what the minor characters’ roles were in the novel. This sequel is good step up because of the whole tranquil experience the authors managed to conjure up.

Driven to avenge the deaths of her father and brother, Lee’s story is about the difficulty that one faces when you loose your whole family. Getting revenge is this beautiful young woman’s highest priority. With realistic dialogue through which the characters’ thoughts are fully displayed and a theme revolving around settling old scores, this book is fit for any reader who loves shark novels with original spins not seen in other novels. Matthew Danza and Adam Horeth amaze me time and time again with their wondrous imagination.

Kindle Edition:

Publisher: Self-Published
Date Published: June 21, 2019
Genre: Horror
Pages: 250

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