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Get Your Book Reviewed by Me

What I offer is an honest 525+ word review of your book. As you can see from my category list, I review all kinds of books. Scroll a bit through my categories and monthly archives to get familiar with the types of books I review and how I write my reviews.

Send me an email with a link to your book on Amazon and I’ll get back to you with whether or not I would be interested in reviewing your book. If my answer is yes, I’ll then go on to request a copy of your book in electronic format as well as a high quality front cover.

I’ll review your book and email it to you for screening. If you are happy with the review, you might want to have it publishd on my blog and in front of my readers’ eyes as soon as possible. To do that, you will need to pay me via PayPal.

I charge $15 U.S. dollars for novellas (<40 000 words) and $25 U.S. dollars for mid-to-full-length novels (50 000> words) .The best thing about my book reviewing service is that unlike on other book reviewing websites, you only pay me once the review has been written and if you wish to see it published on my blog. If you would like me to publish the review, I’ll email you a PayPal payment request. The review will be published as soon as I see the payment.

I’m a book reviewer. You’re an author with a book. The only thing missing is an honest review. What are you waiting for? Send me that email with “Indie Author: Your Name” in the subject line and a link to your book on Amazon in the body of the email!

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