Review Service

Review Service:

I offer a completely affordable book reviewing service for authors of all genres. The reviews I write are about 1000 words long. They are honest with just the right dose of critique to balance the review.

Due Date for the Review:

About 60 days after making a deposit into my PayPal account, my review of your book will be live for readers to read. If I can’t make the due date for some reason, I’ll notify you through an email an ask that you please allow me some extra time to finish the review.


My review service is meant to help give authors exposure of their books. My review of your book will be published on my blog and thus promoted to my followers. The review will also be published on Goodreads and promoted on social media for further exposure.


Some of the books I review contain strong language, violence, and scenes of a sexual nature. I prefer reviewing these books only if they are written by authors who write respectfully and who keep the reader’s mental well-being in mind.

I review the following genres:

  • Chiclit & Women’s
  • General, Contemporary, & Historical
  • Mystery, Thrillers & Suspense
  • Non-Fiction
  • Poetry Collections
  • Speculative Fiction (Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror)
  • Young Adult & Children’s


I follow the standard five star rating system. One star, bad. Two stars, needs work. Three stars, okay. Four stars, good. Five stars, excellent.

Purchasing a Review:

The price for a book review is $30 (USD). Payments can be maid via PayPal once I’ve agreed to review your book.

To purchase a review, first send an email with the subject line “I Want A Review” to frissonfrank (at) gmail (dot) com. Include the Amazon purchase link and I’ll visit the page and take a look at the book you want me to review. After that, I’ll send an email back to you to let you know whether I’ll review your book or not. If my answer is yes, we can go ahead with the payment and the submission of your book for review.


Before purchasing a review, please read my purchase Terms and Conditions first.

Purchasing a review means that you’ve read it and agree with my terms. (I strongly recommend that authors read this first.)