Privacy Policy

Last updated on the 7th of August, 2020.

This is simply a book blog and I only post book reviews on it, so the personal data that I need from readers is only that which can tell me how many visitors I’ve received for the day and for me to draw a conclusion as to what types of books readers are interested in, how popular book reviews are, and how many visitors each book review or my blog alone is responsible for getting here. I then analyze the information so that I can make important decisions concerning this blog and the content that visitors can find on it.

This is a blog made with the help of WordPress. Cookies are something that I don’t know a lot about and this is something that people who work for WordPress can tell you more about. I think cookies are something that helps bloggers to further enhance their blogs and the experience of their readers.

Amazon, meanwhile, is the only other website which I link to on this blog. They have their own privacy policy for their website and I suggest that visitors read through it carefully.

Parents, or guardians, should not allow their children to visit this blog if they are under the age of thirteen. The content on this blog might be extremely inappropriate for them.